Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beautiful Albania

"In spiritual sphere, in possessing or creating values never have Albanians had any reason to envy or covet others, much less have they any for such today. The Albanians are the creators and bearers of one of humankind’s fundamental languages, a language that has its unshakable place among a dozen or so of the main languages of the world. One of the first Europe’s Christian countries, Albania has consequently been the original soil of the Western European civilization. From the great hymn of Christianity “Te Deum” written by an Albanian Archbishop over fifteen hundreds years ago, to the teacher of Western civilization George Kastriot, the most sublime and renowned character in the world not only of Albanians, but of all Balkan peoples as well, described as “the Athlete of Christ”, to the Albanian nun Mother Teresa, the most famous Albanian women in today’s world, the proof of civilization passes through like a brilliant thread, so much and so persistently denied by the ill-wishers of Albanian nation. "
Ismail Kadare

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Tentim i mire, mirpo produksioni eshte i dobet. Nese eshte bere nga ndonje entuziast ateher eshte fenomenal, mirpo nese eshte bere nga nje kompani profesioniste eshte i katastrofe.

29 January, 2007 01:32  

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