Friday, July 21, 2006

Nora Istrefi Video - Nje Djale

Nora Istrefi Video Klip
Title: "Nje Djale"
Album: "Opium"

This is the video clip that promoted her last album "Opium" beginning of July 2006. The theme of the song is very interesting. She met a boy in Turkey (probably holiday resorts) and got surprised to learn that he can speak little albanian too. She discovers that the boy's ancestors were albanians who emigrated to Turkey during opression that happened to albanians in Greece at the beginning of this century (most likely Cameria). It is a fact that during last and this century, millions of albanians had to leave their homeland because of oppression by occupying forces (e.g. Serbia, Greece etc.) and a large number of them ended up in Turkey. It is unfortunate but expulsion of albanians from the balkans were projects that were drafted by the highest government bodies of Serbia and Greece and in most cases were implemented with precision. There are estimates that speak the figure around 6 to 7 millions albanians who nowdays live in Turkey. Most of them have now forgotten their mother language apart from the very elder ones. So, the song has some historical significance and should remind us of our own history.

Nora as usual, is a very sexy singer and I am sure you will enjoy the song!

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