Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rescue in Albania Video - Part 1 - Jews & Holocaust

Documentary "Besa" - PART 1
Norm Gershman holds a presentation at the AACL HQ where he presents his new documentary on how Albanian people protected the Jewish residents of Albania and Kosovo during the Holocaust, by sheltering them in their homes and refusing to turn them over to the Nazi's. Not a single Jew was allowed to be captured by the Nazi occupiers of Albania during the Second World War. Based on the book "Rescue in Albania - How Albania saved its Jews during WWII".

AACL - Albanian American Civic League
Founded by former Congressman Joseph DioGuardi and a board of Albanian Americans in 1989 and is the the only registered lobby in Washington, DC, representing the concerns and interests of the Albanian people. The purpose of the Civic League is to further the human rights and the national cause of the divided nation of more than seven million Albanians living side by side in the Balkans in Albania, Kosova, western Macedonia, southeastern Montenegro, Presheve, Medvegje, Bujanovc (southern Serbia), and Chameria (northern Greece).

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