Friday, August 18, 2006

Oran G feat Mentor Kurtishi - Dridhe trupin

Oran G feat Mentor Kurtishi
Title: "Dridhe trupin" eng. "Shake your body..."

Oran G is a famous albanian rap singer. He lives in Switzerland. Rap singing and dancing he began from age 6. Together with few other compatriots, they formed a Shqip Squad Brake Dance group which became famous on the streets of Berne and other cities. Later they took Brakedance battles internationally too, Germany, Holland, France etc. His career was enhanced after meeting with DJ Dasul and as a result he formed a group called "Psycho clinic" that consisted of dancers, writers, dj's etc. and in 2004 released an album "Tash vjen Oran G". He was featured in many magazines plus his songs and videoclips such as "baby love yaa" were played daily by broadcasters.

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Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

keng palidhje,o mentor o nuk di kusht te ka qit ty me kendu se zerin e ki katastrof te mrapsht,shko ne shpi mentor se sta ka pa kosh hajrin qao

30 August, 2006 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hej kojka shum e mir
o vlla me miratocali ska

04 September, 2006 23:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ejj ti atje qe thot palidhje mshille ok shumm e mir konga na knaqe mentor e oranG mos e ndergjo ato ok bb nga vlora ne zvicer(h)

13 April, 2007 11:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o mentor lej ti pishpiriqat qa thojn vazhdo ti me qet muzik veq tlutna vajtoj edhe pak kenget nir eshte amo vajtoj si para luftes oki ki komplimente te mdhaj nga un feimi

20 March, 2008 00:29  

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