Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeta Faqolli Video - Provokimet

Jeta Faqolli Video
"Provokimet" eng. "Provocations"

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from www.macromedia.com. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please note, video hosting and streaming is provided by third party and we have no control should there be temporary fault with playing videos. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to drop a comment.

Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeta eshte nje vajze shum e bukur dhe e mire kenget i ka shum te mira sidomos kengen provokimet Jeta veq vazhdo kshtu bay bay

10 November, 2007 13:30  

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