Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nexhat & Remzije Osmani Video - Mos u kthe

Nexhat & Remzije Osmani Video
"Mos u kthe" eng. "Don't come back"

also: remzie

This is the first time that we see brother and sister in a duo song that has made such a huge success. Congratulations to both of them on such a nice performance. They announced to release another song in duo, but this time, with a more lively rhythm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nuk ka fjale per ta komentuar kete keng.vertet eshte nje keng e shkelqyer nga kengetare jashtzakonisht te mrekullueshem dhe me nje ze qe sa here e degjon te con ne parajse. ju lutem beni edhe disa keng te tjera keshtu se keni me e fitu te gjithe publikun shqiptar kudo qe jan...ashtu si ma keni fituar zemren edhe ........jeni shum te mire NGA tironse4ever

31 December, 2006 04:12  

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