Thursday, October 12, 2006

Miss Kosova 2006

Besa Gashi from Drenasi is the new "Miss Kosova 2006". The beauty contest was organised by Agnesa Vuthaj (Miss Kosova 2003 and Miss Albania 2004) and it took place in Prishtina on 23rd September 2006. 23 girls participated and the top three selected are as follows:

1. Besa Gashi, Miss Kosova 2006
2. Leonora Fejza, First runner-up
3. Nazlie Statovci, Second runner-up

The professional jury among others included John Mathew, professional beauty spectacles organiser in India who owns a model agency in Dubai and Fadil Berisha from "Miss Universe".

The video to follow shows contestants competing in swimsuits. Watch closely, the beauty queen to be, is numbered 14. The background music is unofficial and it has been embedded by choice of the person who compiled this video and it features one of the most popular albanian hip hop singer known by the name of "Rebel a.k.a. Unikkatil", Victor being the real name. Enjoy!

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Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inteview with Agnesa Vuthaj by Kosovapress

Kosovapress: How did the work went on organization of “Miss Kosova 2006”, which is expected to be conveyed this week?

Vuthaj: Organization has begun earlier, but competition was opened for a month, were it was made the selection of girls for participation in the final night. Along this process has also begun the activities related to rehearsals, shootings, and several humanitarian activities such as training developed with the Red Cross.

Kosovapress: Which are the criteria’s that a girl must fulfil in order to be part of “Miss Kosova 2006”, and was there a competition of girls in this spectacle?

Vuthaj: We can talk about a really large competition, meantime criteria’s that a girl had to fulfil are age, which must be from 17- 24 years, length from over 170 cm, be smart and pretty.

Kosovapress: Where from did you secure the financial means for this beauty spectacle?

Vuthaj: This spectacle is mostly organized from me and help of few sponsors.

Kosovapress: Did you receive any financial assistance from the Ministry of Culture till now?

Vuthaj: Except the moral support, we didn’t had any financial assistance from this Ministry and we’re excepting this support while she was promised to us.

Kosovapress: Is the value of this assistance determined?

Vuthaj: The figure isn’t mentioned, while they go for percentage. We received promises for 5% eventually 10% of the project.

Kosovapress: You told that the most of this you have self- financed. Can you tell us more?

Vuthaj: I can’t tell you anything more for the moment, because I can give you wrong numbers, but when we end this spectacle everything will be public, while there is still work to be done.

Kosovapress: Who are the gusts of this spectacle and who has confirmed the participation?

Vuthaj: Participation has confirmed John Mathew, one of the organizators of beauty spectacles in India, who also owns a model agency in Dubai, afterwards a representative from “Miss Universe”, Fadil Berisha, and “Miss India”, “Miss Norway”, and “Miss Albania”.

Kosovapress: Who will conduct this spectacle?

Vuthaj: Conductors will be Fehmi Ferati and Laura Krasnici.

Kosovapress: Which will be the reward for the winner of the beauty crown?

Vuthaj: The crown winner will gain a study grant, one- year contract in Dubai and she’ll represent Kosova in “Top Model of the World”.

12 October, 2006 20:34  

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