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Kosova Desperate Search Movie Trailer

Kosova Desperate Search Movie (Trailer)
Original "Etjet e Kosoves"
Screenplay and Directed by: Sunaj Raca

Starring: Sheqerie Buqaj (Countrywoman); Rajmonda Bulku (Zana); Blerim Destani (UCK/KLA soldier, War Invalid); Faruk Begolli (Old Albanian); Tinka Kurti (Nun); Ermela Teli (Fleta); Bislim Muqaj (Gjergj); Meto Jovanovski (Old Serb); Hazir Myftari (General UNMIK);Basri Lushtaku (Gerard UNMIK); Sunaj Raca (Serbian Soldier); Adhurim Demi (Son of Zana); Don Raca (Son of the countrywoman); Mirijam Nixha (Daughter of the countrywoman); Florim Brajshori (Serbian Soldier); Faik Gashi (Doctor); Valentina Dubovci (Woman Doctor); Doruntina Beka (Nun); Isa Kurtishaj (Serbian Soldier); Berat Keqekolla (Serbian Soldier); Agim Sylejmani (Serbian Soldier); More Raca (Child); Dea Krasniqi (Child); Edona Dragusha (Child); Gezim Uka (Child) etc.

Producers: Sali Limani, Blerim Destani, Sunaj Raca
Dialogue: Teki Dervishi
Voice and Song: Leonora Poloska (Desperation)
Lara Entertainment Film Production

The Story

The war in Kosova is over, the country is in ruins. The life of the young peasant woman (Sheqerie Buqaj) is marked by desperation and mourning. During the war, she and her children had to leave their home, while her husband (Blerim Destani) volunteered to join the army. Serbian soldiers have taken away her children and also subjected her to harsh treatment. At this stage, her only task in life is to find her two children. Her husband returns, but not unharmed - an invalid confined to a wheelchair, he is haunted by memories of war. The two of them now live side by side in silence.

In the course of their investigations concerning the whereabouts of her children, the peasant woman finally gets to know the government employee Zana (Rajmonda Bulku), who has been commissioned by the state to locate the missing children. Zana is extremely impressed by the peasant woman's persistence when it comes to finding her children, and she does everything within her power to help her. Her own daughter Fleta (Ermela Teli) works for the UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosova) and is thus familiar with the recklessness of the administrative authorities. She increasingly distances herself from her parents and her mentally handicapped brother. She longs to start all over again and simply forget the past. Her unemployed father Gjergj (Bislim Muqa) never leaves the apartment anymore and only perceives the outside world via television and newspapers. He disapproves of his wife's work, his daughter's work and everything else happening in the country. More and more, his behaviour resembles that of an autistic person, and finally he sees only one way out for him and his life...

An elder Albanian (Faruk Begolli) criss-crosses the mountains, where he searches in vain new hope. During these excursions he runs into an embittered Serb (Meto Jovanovski). In spite of their hardship and dispair, both unable to stop rowing about the questions of national and religious identity. In the end, all the featured individuals and families break down in the face of their heterogeneous attempts to cope with the past and their desperate search for hope, a purpose in life and missing loved ones.

Kosova Desperate Search portrays the traumatic effects of the Kosova War on the Albanian population. The memories of the atrocities committed by the serb military, particularly in relation to civilians, cannot be erased from the mind of the people. The different approaches to coming to terms with the past clearly show the powerlessness of the population. Suicide, ignorance, escape or self-sacrifice appear to be the only solutions that make sense. After all, even in situations where there is reason to be hopeful, this hope is nipped in the bud. The civilian population of Kosova suffers from repercussions of the war to this day. Countless desperate women and mothers are currently still looking for their missing husbands and children.

The Making of the Film

The director of the film "Kosova - Desperate Search", Sunaj Raca, had the basic idea for the film long before the outbreak of the actual Kosova War. While he was studying at the university in Pristina, Slobodan Milosevic took over power in Kosova. The rights and the freedom of the Albanian population in Kosova were severely impaired by the new regime. It was during this period that the initial idea to make a film about the suppression and the helplessness of the people was born. Sunaj Raca did not have the opportunity to shoot the film until after the liberation of Kosova. An Albanian - language starring Albanian actors which addresses the problems of the Albanian population. After Sunaj Raca has had the opportunity to film some documentaries about the events during the Kosova War following the end of the latter, the idea to make a feature film took on shape. The film "Kosova - Desperate Search" is based on a true story. Inspired by this tragic event and his vision, he began to develop the script.

The film is also of major relevance to the involved actors. All of them agreed to work for a low salary in order to ensure the realisation of the project. The entire crew considered it important to produce a film which would draw worldwide attention to the horrific occurrences in Kosova. Motivated by their own experiences with the war and the tragic history of the country, they all had a strong desire to participate in the film.

The director Sunaj Raca talks about the importance of the film to him and to his homeland:

"Kosova - Desperate Search is a special film for Kosova, because it is the first ever to portray the suffering of the population before, during and after the Kosova War. The focus is on the problems associated with the war and the helplessness of the people who have lost everything, not only in materialistic, but also in idealistic terms. I believe it is necessary for my homeland to present to the world an insight into our painful history by means of this film. The issue of missing persons in particular is one which all countries that have been involved in a war are familiar with. Our message to humankind is that wars cause irreparable damages, specifically serious psychological ones. This fact should teach us a lesson, and we should not allow wars to continue knocking on our doors!"

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