Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kafe me Labin Video - Shkurte & Dhurata

Kafe me Labin (Coffee with Labi) in New York (Special Edition)
Guests: Shkurte Ajeti & Dhurata Lipovica - Ford Models' Supermodel of the World 07 contestants, an event that took place in New York, on 17th January 2007.

Supermodel of the World is the biggest modeling contest in the world, established by Eileen Ford in 1980, it searches the pre-eminent female model in over 50 countries that successfully finds fashion's newest faces year after year. 44 countries participated in this year contest and amongst them three albanian models: Anada Mikollari representing Albania, Shkurte Ajeti - representing Kosova and Dhurata Lipovica - though from Kosova she represented Macedonia (FYROM).

The 1st Prize and $250,000 modelling contract with Ford Models went to Sanne Njihof from Netherlands. 2nd Prize and $150,000 modelling contract was won by Belarusian model whereas 3rd Prize and $100,000 modelling contract went to Denmark.

Shkurte attracted special attention and according to witnesses and reports, she was the most applauded one on the runway. But, it looks as if her age (20) was crucial in judges final decision as they prefer much younger models to work with. Nevertheless, their portofolio has reached the right people and the door to the professional modelling world has already opened for these girls in several countries in Europe such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and perhaps more to come in the future. Plus of course USA (New York) and their own country Kosovo. All of this would not have been possible without the help of Fadil Berisha, New York based professional albanian photographer who promoted and supported these girls all the way to the finals.

Here below you have a chance to see an interview (sorry for poor sound quality) conducted by Labi of RTV21, with Shkurte and Dhurata (unfortunately Anada is not present) and few more videos provided by Ford Models via youtube. Enjoy!

Anada's hello video:

Shkurte's hello video:

Dhurata's hello video:

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