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Kukumi Movie - Part 1

Kukumi ("The Kukum") - Part 1
Kosova movie directed by Isa Qosja
Censored version

Luan Jaha (Kukum), Anisa Ismaili (Mara), Donat Qosja (Hasan), Yllka Gashi, Shkumbin Istrefi etc.

Regione del Veneto Award - Venice Film Festival (2005)
Special Jury Award - Sarajevo Film Festival (2005)
Special Jury Award - Sofia Film Festival (2006)

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Anonymous Cinequestonline said...

Regione del Veneto Award - Venice Film Festival
Jury Prize - Sarajevo Film Festival

With “a poetic, intense opening that recalls ... Tarkovsky,” it is the story of Kukumi, Mara and Hasan, three patients “liberated” from a mental institution when the UN arrives, who wander the chaos of postwar Kosovo like lost children looking for a home. Arriving at the village of Hasan’s brother, they find a less than enthusiastic welcome but move into an abandoned building and set up housekeeping.

Though what the film has to say about freedom, anarchy, love, hate, brutality, xenophobia and acceptance may be familiar; and though the device of viewing the insanity of war and post-war landscapes through the eyes of the legitimately insane is a long-standing one; the film’s language is new and fresh, and seems, like the hapless trio itself, to be attempting to create a new tradition from the rubble.

Described variously as “enigmatic, mournful, darkly comic,” and “lyrically surreal,” praised for its visual originality, its “disturbingly pessimistic reflection on the meaning of freedom” and its statement via metaphor, the film, bolstered by a terrific musical score, was a prize winner at both the Sarajevo and Venice film festivals.


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