Thursday, May 17, 2007

Interview: Leonora Poloska - Bonbon RTV21

Interview with Leonora Poloska by BonBon RTV21.

Leonora is a popular albanian singer from Macedonia. She has just recently promoted her new videoclip "Shko" in Skopje and she is quizzed by the host of the show program "Bonbon" of RTV21 (Kosova) about her future plans and in particular about her drastic new look as a result of her considerable loss in weight. Another videoclip is coming, stated Leonora, plus a new summer album.

Watch the clip: Leonora Poloska - Shko

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shum bukur po dukesh moj LEonora hallall, po ma qon mallin e Beyonce:)

21 May, 2007 16:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OHH she's so sweetttt:))

23 May, 2007 18:38  
Anonymous GIZA said...

oj leonora ma mire je bo qitash qe je plotsu prap, se ktu shum e dobt, ah kjo pranver shum emblesir eshte , te dyjat si qokollata

11 January, 2009 17:33  

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