Saturday, May 12, 2007

Serbia's Eurovision Song Stolen?

There is a striking similarity between the Serbia's Eurovision song and an albanian song performed last year in Top Fest music festival in Tirana, Albania, by Soni Malaj.

We think it deserves attention, even by Eurovision authorities.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well what can i say. They really did it again.Shame on them.Can we do something about??????????Who can listen to us??????????? We can try.....
They can sing it but they could never sound like our Albanian Girl not like our BEAUTIFUL ALBANIAN LANGUAGE.

12 May, 2007 04:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo man çojeni me email.... ne ncncncncncncnc

12 May, 2007 09:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jebi se shiptare, are you fucking joking

13 May, 2007 16:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about opening your ears? Two different songs and two different ladies. But the BIG difference is that Serbia won, and Shiptaria didn't even got to see the finals... xD

13 May, 2007 16:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well what can i say. They really did it again.Shame on them.Can we do something about??????????Who can listen to us??????????? We can try.....
They can sing it but they could never sound like our Albanian Girl not like our BEAUTIFUL ALBANIAN LANGUAGE.

You got your sorry ass owned now shut the hell up. Your beutiful albanian girl? Looks like she been flushed out by a tsunami. Now go to hell and stop being so fucking jelaous of Serbia. SHIPTAREEEEEEEEEEE

13 May, 2007 16:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh please. There are vague similarities, but the Serbian song is different. Get over yourself.

In any event, how much ture originality is left in the world anyway?

13 May, 2007 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two completely different songs! Only maybe beat simmilar. Losers!

13 May, 2007 20:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...






kurse emrin im ne youtube eshte

13 May, 2007 20:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if i can say that you must do something about it... song that win at that kind of contest must be unique, an that song is nothing but a can let that be, and Albanian music is unique... bless U from Croatia

13 May, 2007 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

E ljudi dragi.Ja sam iz BiH i ona pjesma je bila stvarno bezveze,scenski nastup da negovorim a marija(ja sam iskreno mislio da je musko).E pa ona lijepa djevojka puno ljepse izvodi onu pjesmu a navikli smo da srbi samo kradu podvaljaju i samo zele na prevaru da dobiju nesto.Uz ALLAHOVU pomoc ovo ce da se sazna te vi cete opet da izgubite ono sto ste ukrali.Sve se vraca sve se placa.

13 May, 2007 22:24  
Anonymous me said...

stolen from soni malaj-ndarja
u can read about this slute on under bizarr then videos

heheh videoshqip
thesun got the video from u guys:)

13 May, 2007 22:35  
Anonymous Kirsten said...

A very essential part of the song - the refrain - is plagiat in my opinion.

Do not worry, a Danish newspaper is investigating the matter. The story is on the news paper front page.

It is a very serious matter, and the Serbian song will be disqualified if it is true.

Kind regards from
Kirsten, Denmark

14 May, 2007 00:36  
Anonymous me said...

shikoni**njera qe e thirr veten m1ssg0rgeous ka lajmruar mediat te huaja **dhe ka pasur sukses shikoeni vet /musik/article298570.ece


http://*** id=139441

Anglisht:http://***.thesu,,11054-10720, ml

14 May, 2007 09:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is deffinitelly nothing new from Serbia.,,,,,,,,
Let's hoppe that they will be loozers in This


14 May, 2007 09:44  
Blogger Kirsten said...

Some must report the plagiarism to EBU. They say they will not take any action onless there is an official complaint of the "theft".

14 May, 2007 10:35  
Blogger Kirsten said...

PS: The EBU contact page is - I would guess Legal department has to be approached.

I suppose Ndarja's songwriter must take action as it it his/her rights that are violated.

14 May, 2007 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


nuk me befason qe kenga eshte e vjedhur,Serbet vetem te vjedhin din,ata jane hajna qe vjedhin nga pasuria materiale dhe kulturore e popujve tjere.Turp per europen qe legalizon plagjiature te tille.Duhet tu miret titulli duhet t denohen sepse nuk eshe hera e pare.Ku eshte europa dhe ligjet e tyre mbi mbrojtjen e te drejtes autoriale.Nothing surprises me,Europe should do something because author s rights were violated.In the name of justice something should be done.


14 May, 2007 11:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

within 20 years all songs will sound the same. So lets try focussing on the positive aspects! Look at those thousands of people in the streets of Belgrado, singing together. Just 9 years ago the country was at war and this seemed impossible. Eurosong is all about bringing people together, all across Europe! Spread the message: PEACE !!

14 May, 2007 20:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You’re must be kidding right? After reading your comment and then start to watch video I thought I’m watching something else. There are no similarities; Albanian words can hardly reach my ear (music is so dominant) and in Serbian song is quite opposite! I don’t even see any similarities in the beat … but then I don’t search needle in the haycock.
As someone posted on The Sun portal "Its most likely Albania stole this song from Mariah Carey" so do grow up!

14 May, 2007 23:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am from romania. i don't understand the words but music is the same . serbia must go out

15 May, 2007 06:02  
Anonymous Nemanja (BG 2.0) said...

Sorry, but apart from somewhat similar "ballad" rhythm and instruments, melodies of these two songs are completely different. Trust me, there's no escaping "Molitva" anywhere in Serbia these days - if you know what I mean - so there's no way my ear wouldn't react if there were any significant similarities whatsoever.

But your girl sure is beautiful. :)

Greetings from Belgrade.

15 May, 2007 13:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well,I can't say they are the same song,but they have something that makes them look the same song.anyway Serbia didn't deserve the winning.Maybe Turchey deserved it.See you!Kiss

15 May, 2007 14:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o.k then.It's the same song.Really man...SHAME ON YOU!For the second time?What's wrong with you peole?Didn't you lern from last ''Eurovision''?Anyway Soni Malaj sings it much better than that girl in ''Eurovison 2007''.Kiss.

15 May, 2007 14:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen up people.
No one is 100% sure if that song is "Plagerised" thats right, the macedonian song composer didnt actually claim that the song is "stolen", so please stop thw accusations. Anyway, its got nothing to do with any of us but the song writers themselves, so why cause conflict between eachother. I can understand some of you may have strong beliefs but dont deny OR accuse anything until
there is and actual final result. I dont know what has happened with the songs, perhaps there was Plagerism, perhaps it was just a coincidence..who knows! Im albanian my self and have nothing against anyone, after all we are still people and one nation really!

15 May, 2007 17:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I do not understand why should it be such a big deal. After all the music is for everybody. It is only positive that the Serbs took some part of the Albanian song. It was better for Serbs and better for Albanians.
Cheers from Tirana

15 May, 2007 18:59  
Anonymous feketefene said...

Shame on Serbia! This is teh second time, and i think they will do it the third time again...

16 May, 2007 11:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful judgement. Still asking myself where the people's ears are at the moment! Every single comment about this "stolen Song conspiracy" is just to laugh about. It is always the same. Every time Serbia wins something, it was manipulated, what the most Serbia hating people think. If Serbia did not win the contest nobody would say anything. That is so ridiculous from you people. I think that Albania misuses the Serbian winning song to promote their own singer. Unbelievable. What a shame for all Serbia hating countries which think that they are "European".

16 May, 2007 12:43  
Blogger Sale said...

Did anyone heard the previous "stolen song"? "Lane moje" has a lot more richness in its sound and the melody is based on four tones. Come on people, you have to start asking urself out of billions of songs, u can always find two similar songs. Especially if it is based on four tones. Go to piano, try to make urself some melody. Most uneducated ones can make a melody of only four different tones.
The starts of refrain of the both songs are similar, but rest is totally different. and to start is just lost one tone and then one up tones. Come on... That totally doesn't mean that the song is stolen.
Also, in the same blog post, there is one, the most important part no one dont want to look on.
"This statement was backed by Maki, the composer of the song "Ndarja", who says that while those similarities do exist, the melodic base is different."

How it is backed by composer who said that the melody base is different?

Then who to listen, the singer of the song (she didn't made the song, she just sings it), or the real author, or better to say, composer.

17 May, 2007 13:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People hope that this situation will not be left in the middle.Experts can verify if the song was stolen or not and then the singer must apply to EBU.It is a shame what happen.And by the way the Albanians werent the first who has claim for the stolen song it was the Swedish who first claim for this injustice.So move over yourself this is not about anybody hating anybody neither about jelousy.Is just about TRUTH.

17 May, 2007 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I totally agree with Kirsten.We should not let this situation without an ending.Soni must claim for her right and the organizator of the Eurovison must make a decision.This is not a small matter.What a shame!

17 May, 2007 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well,...look at the bright side of all this debate... this was a good opportunity for Soni to get publicity outside Albania...and extra publicity for the serbian song as well... not many people follows the Eurovision Song...

18 May, 2007 00:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju Lumte per punen fisnike qe beni!

18 May, 2007 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOO you poor serbias you can't do nothing without our lost us Albanians and now you have lost Montenegro...ang you once stole a sond and you did it aganin ang i'm sure that you will do it again and again...and please next time try to steal a song that nobody can discover ok???and accept the facts and don't worry all the things will be ok when you stop to steal songs hahaha and when you stop to hate albanians that is my opinion...and SONI is very beautiful not like your know what i mean...ok bye from my Azra Gjilan

18 May, 2007 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serbia has many good songs singers and music tradition I don't beleive they need to steal our songs but these songs are too much alike . . .

21 May, 2007 04:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOLITVA is not a copy of NDARJA. Even your singer (Soni Malaj) agrees. Why don't you?

23 May, 2007 13:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are not at all the same... Do you have ANY musical notions?

14 October, 2007 18:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only people who can really judge this are people who dont speak neither albanian nor serbian. That way u dont listen to the words just the song. And to me the beat sounds the same in both songs.
I gotta say though the albanian singer is so hot where as the serb singer looks like a man (lesbo).

15 October, 2007 05:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no even similarity between these songs. Same songs? You are kidding? BTW. Molitva is a piece of bulshit, as well as whole Eurovision contents. You all just blame yourself.

07 November, 2007 23:48  

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