Monday, June 11, 2007

Bush in Albania Video - Cheering in Fushe Kruja

BUSH IN ALBANIA - 10th June 2007
A historic date for all Albanians

President Bush is given a hero's welcome in Albania. This is the first visit ever of a serving president of USA to visit Albania and will be remembered long time, even though it only lasted eight hours.

Albania is the only country where no one has seen any protests against USA or the President. Some even say the Albanians are the most proamerican people on the planet. This is not a hoax. This is a real deal and there is a reason for it.

Why Albanians love Americans? Simply because americans are a freedom loving people and they showed this love in practice many times in the history of Albanians (and other small nations) by defending the Albania's right to exists as a state despite the appetite of many world powers and neighboring countries to carve and erase the country from the map. e.g. USA's President Wilson in 1919, at the Paris Peace Conference, was a crucial voice that saved Albania from being ceased as a state. Also in a more recent case, in 1999, it was USA and United Kingdom (leading) that saved kosovar albanians from being extinct by the killing machinery of Serbia. Therefore, the actions of the american people speak very loud about their just intentions towards small nations like Albanians. And remember, Kosovo had no oil worthy of such intervention in 1999! You americans should be proud of your soldiers who risk their own life to bring peace and stability to the world. They need your support!

Albania as a state had its ups and downs in relations with USA, but after fall of communism in 1990 (something that America and Bush Senior again helped to get rid off), since then, Albania and albanians are back on track to drive forward a lasting relationship with the american people. We urge the american government to be more involved in Albania and Kosovo, to work closely with Albanians and deter potential involvements of radical islamists who may want to exploit new democracies like ours, by offering the very much needed financial incentives, but with a high price in return. We are aware of this, but we need your help!

Albanians are a nation that will long remember your sincere attitude and support in our cause to freedom and democracy. Albanians stand united with Americans in the War on Terror! If you are told different, don't believe them! They are all ill wishers and they'll do anything to convince you otherwise!


p.s. If you are an american and you ever thought that America should not get involved or intervene in hot spots around the world, we Kosovar albanians are a living proof to show you that such intervention are needed to bring order and democracy in the world. If you think that by turning your back to the sufferings of other people will make your life better, you are terribly wrong and that makes you a bad person. Sooner or later, the global instability is going to effect your home. War is never ok, but we come from there and had it not been for America's intervention, there would have been hardly anyone to tell you what really happened in Kosova.

p.p.s. Bush's wristwatch enigma!
The saga is now over. The following video proves it, the watch has not been stolen, but President Bush took it off by himself and placed it in his pocket (or as some suggest handed it over to his bodyguard behind, but that's not relevant now).

Bush's wristwatch not stolen, Proof!

Ok, the whole situation was humorous but in the end, it has been proven that we do not do such things as lifting presidential watches, lol. God Bless America and Albanians. The warm welcome to President Bush is no doubt addressed to the whole american nation.

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Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long live USA and Albanian.

God blees american and albanian people.

Laura from Kosova

12 June, 2007 00:41  
Blogger stormin said...

thank you so much for your kind words to us. i hope and pray that you will someday enjoy the same freedom and independence that we here in america enjoy. please stay in touch.

12 June, 2007 16:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Bush's watch?

13 June, 2007 07:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


14 June, 2007 18:03  

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