Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bush in Albania Video - Opinions of ordinary citizens

BUSH IN ALBANIA - 10th June 2007

Ordinary citizens who were waiting for presidential motorcade to pass by, were questioned by tv media about their opinion on president's arrival in Albania and their expectations. Here are some of the opinions:

"The democracy begins in America and America wants to bring the democracy all around the world"

"We are waiting for Bush with great joy and every minute of waiting seems like 100 years long. Albanian people owe alot to the government and people of America for helping albanians in general, in Albania, Kosovo and elsewhere and for that we owe to them... and if necessary we'll wait 10 days here just to see the President of America."

"(He) is greatly welcomed...the greatest friend of albanian people...and especially for Kosovo...we are awaiting independence...and we have alot of trust in the most powerful country in the world and the most just and democratic country in the world."

"...a great pleasure for us and for the whole albanian people, to have President Bush arrive in Albania."

"...with a great joy...Albania and America are as one..."

"Americans love freedom, that is why I arrived early here today, to greet President Bush...his visit means more freedom for albanians."

"I'm from Struga (Macedonia). The visit by President Bush is important to us...now is Kosova issue and new resolution for Kosovo is awaited to be approved. His visit is very important..."

"It's a festive day in Albania...its a great luck for Albania to welcome the President Bush...we are anxious to see Kosova gets its status. This is the best possible solution."

"I am from Kosova...from Istog, municipality of Peja. This is a big thing for us...a historic event because they (Americans) contributed and helped and are still helping in democratic ways and by other means that we will never forget. There are alot of us here from Kosova. We owe to them to give them an honourable welcome for their help."

"This is a great joy for us Kosovars and all albanian nation. We highly acknowledge their support to the albanian nation in the most difficult times."

"The visit by President Bush has a great meaning to us because Albania needs a good friend like America and we hope USA to support Albania within their abilites."

"For me the visit by President Bush is very important because its a historic day for the albanian nation that awaited long time a day like this. We are waiting for him (President) with a great joy and hopefully everything will go well."

"His visit means every support to us for entering EU, Kosovo to get independent status and Albania to receive a broader help in moving forward at a greater pace."

Think of 4th JULY 2007

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