Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stupcat Comedy Video 7

Stupcat Comedy Video 7 - How to (mis)treat your wife
Albanian Humor Shqip

Actors: Mensur (Fanatic father), Vedat (Son No.1), Osman (Son No.2) and unknown "victim" wifes.

Mensur (father) is demanding from his sons to be tough men and treat their wife harshly. Each one in turn show off in front of his father by telling how they've badly beaten their wifes, each one trying to show tougher than the other one. In the end, the father is not satisfied and tells them "this is how you beat your wife" and calls to his wife who showed up all covered in bandages like a mummy. Obviously, his sons were terrified to see their mum in such a state and ask "Is this our mother!? Oh... mother!".

So, basically, before you beat your wife, think how your wife could be someone's mother etc. Therefore, this satire is sending the opposite message of that shown in this comedy video: "Treat your wife with respect!".

+tag: kqyr qysh rrehet gruja mumie dajak bashkeshortja

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